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Nerf Parties


We offer two types of nerf party hire

OPTION 1: we arrive at your venue set up your party and arrive again at the end to pack and take away

OPTION 2: pick up a party, you collect, set up yourselves and bring back to us at the end

'All the fun of paint balling without the pain!!!'

 Option 1: Nerf wars is the latest party craze for ages 6+ you give us a venue and we will transform it into your 'battle zone'complete with our 2 HQs (nerf/zombies), 2 machine gunner posts,jail zones,various obstacles to take cover behind and a shooting/target range.

Our parties are based on Nerf warriors Vs Zombies!

Asking your party goers to come dressed up (half zombie half army) works great!

We supply each player with a vest(nerf/zombie),a nerf gun, safety goggles and a ton of ammo!!! 
Our parties are based on 20 children (more guns can be added to accommodate more)

We supply suggestions of games that work well, or you can just let the children have the run of the battlefield!!
All this for just £160 

Option 2: You pick up the package from us and bring back when you have finished at the agreed time, still all the fun but a lower price great for smaller parties, garden parties or family gatherings!

£4.99 per player pack (vest,safety goggles,nerf gun & ammo) 

minimum of 12 player packs can be hired


Hire of mini battle zone (tyre run,cammo net crawl under,agility tunnel and 2 tents ) £50.00

SPECIAL OFFER 20 player packs & hire of mini battle zone £125.00


£20 deposit to secure your booking payable here